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Nikki Hearts

Alias: Amanda Zerby

Pays: United States

Née: November 6, 1991

œil: Brown

Cheveu: Brown

La taille: 167 cm

Poids: 54 kg

Seins: Natural

Des vues: 0

Nikki Hearts vidéos

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Emo heartbreaker Nikki Hearts is a slim, teen-looking badass with piercings, tattoos, and dyed black hair. Best of all, this hottie knows what she’s doing; she’s a ‘sexpert’ in the art of pleasing pussy. Nikki identifies as queer and dates women in her personal life, so she naturally prefers to work exclusively with ladies in her screw films. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, she grew up dreaming of becoming a rockstar and idolizing Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe (from whom she borrowed her porn name). Now a celebrity in her own right, Nikki tours around the country for her job. And since every chick wants to fuck her, she’s following in Nikki Sixx's footsteps. When Nikki got introduced to alternative, lesbian, and queer porn, she knew she had found her calling and immediately got into the industry. Nikki’s scenes are special because of the authentic lust that she brings to each of them. "I do my best to promote legitimate lesbian sex in my work,” Nikki said about what sets her vids apart. "Whether there is a ton of chemistry between performers or not I try and at least do what feels good physically, to show what women actually enjoy, rather than just what a male director or viewer think they want to see.” But don’t just take Nikki’s word for it. You be the judge by checking out some of her videos below.

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